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Hoje passámos a manhã em casa, em quanto eu arrumava, ía preparando jogos para a julia se entreter. Aqui dei-lhe uma lata cheia de elasticos de cabelo a volta (comprei-os baratissimos) e pedi-lhe para os tirar e guardar numa caixa. Ela adorou, esteve entretida e esta actividade é também boa para melhorar a destreza manual.

Smiley shapes clip cards - this was a great activity using an easy and fun theme with a challenging skill - julia could match the colours and shapes with no problem and needs a lot of practice using the clips - great fine motor skills. I found these awesome free printables from @modernpreschool and laminated as i think we will use them again ;)

Shape matching activity - she practiced colours and shapes, great for fine motor skills.

Hoje de manha dei-lhe este jogo que adorou, praticar a cortar legumes - otimo para aprender as cores, nomes de legumes e melhorar a destreza manual

Great activity for improving scissor skills and she totally loved it! ✂️

Colour matching activity in action - perfect for colour recognition and practicing fine motor and hand eyed coordination skills - she did great, sorting colours easily and showed some interest in the shapes too.

Pom-pom colour matching activity using painting no spill cups, easy no prep activity, great for colour coordinations recognition and practicing fine motor and hand eyed coordination skills.

It's a rainny weekend so i had a few activities off my sleeve in case we got the home fever...this is super easy and no prep, just a bunch of coloured pipe cleaners and a small colander. I showed her how to thread the pipe cleaner once and she spent a good 15min playing with it. we did this yesterday and she went back to play with it again today. She was never really interested in pipe cleaners before, so i was happy to see this work. (Julia at 2y3m)

Another activity we did yesterday, using the tweezers to place the coloured bees in their designated hive - she really enjoyed this one and the first time she managed to properly use the tweezers, and then she went on to playing with the beehives and organizing them in different ways - great for working hand eye coordinatin and fine motor skills. This is a great toy, i will put it away and use it again in a few weeks.