LOL...Oh,Lord !

Funniest animal picture of a dog and a pony working together. There's no time, so you should get onto the horse and go away quickly

He doesn't understand why he's being shamed for not being wasteful and tbh, I don't get it either.

23 Photos That Prove Pug Shaming Is The Best Kind Of Dog Shaming

Pug shaming - My Pug was doing the same thing, only he passed out and I had to stick my finger down his throat to clear the blockage. Now after a major operation he is is better - but he still vacuums his food :(

Pugs are so funny!

Reason Why Pugs Are The Most Majestic Creatures On Earth.: Let’s get right down to business… Pugs are majestic little lumps that emit rays of happiness and sunshine

This is so Styla. She is a blue bell homemade vanilla kind of girl!

funny dog pictures - I see you have ice cream. I, too, enjoy the occasional ice cream.

pug photobomb! ~ re-pinned by ~ dog breed themed apparel, gifts, personal checks and stationery.

📸 Photobomb Pug 🎥 - Dear Pug lovers, I thought I would drop a quick bit of cuteness to start off the week. As we all know, Pugs are total hams 🐷 - no pun intended. Here we see the classic Pug photobomb technique in action. Cheers, Huxley - Chief Pug Of

Hello?? I'm the tin man...duhh!!

Two pugs named Roxy and Ivan are dressed up as Dorothy and the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz, at the Pug Rescue of San Diego County's annual Pug Party in Del Mar, CA

26 Disfraces que prueban que los Pugs siempre ganan en Halloween

Pug Yoda.

I want a crochet pug!

I want a crochet pug!


Pug Hearts He may be a little early for Valentine’s day, but I still love you anyway!

Perfect representation of how Pugs treat their humans - even Santa!!!

Perfect representation of how Pugs treat their humans - even Santa!

Omigod so cute

oh my pugness! look at the way he is sitting.just kills me when they sit like grasshoppers:).love our pugs

Fijne dag

Damian Dovarganes / AP Walking the dog Justin Bonderach carries his dog, Jack, in a sling when the pooch refused to walk in the rain, Jan.