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Sith Lightsaber by MrBrainz on DeviantArt

lightsaber hilts force unleashed - Google Search

BD Rogers Sith Lightsaber by JamesVillanueva

Orange Sith Lightsaber …

Darth Letalis' Sith lightsaber

Darth Letalis' Sith lightsaber was the primary weapon of Darth Letalis.

FINISHED Arcann/Thexan Lightsaber (SWTOR)

FINISHED Arcann/Thexan Lightsaber (SWTOR)

custom lightsaber - Google Search

custom lightsaber - Google Search

LED Custom Lightsaber in Collectibles | eBay

LED Custom Lightsaber

LED Custom Lightsaber in Collectibles

Sith Lightsaber concept by ProjectWarSword on DeviantArt

Some concepts I did months ago. Lying around with all sorts of other ideas I have, decided to show it just because.


The ~Ariergarda Collection of Lightsaber designs. Original Illustrations: Lightsaber [link] Lightsaber [link] Lightsaber [link] Lightsaber v. The Ariergarda Collection 1

Slender, almost wand-like hilt design. Generally the aesthetic I prefer.

Browsing Weapons on DeviantArt

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& Blades manufactured by the Hayakura Company, the SWAN and LOTUS tanto and katana (respectively) are of the sharpest blades in the world. With a Mohs hardness rating of 12 these weapons are used by the upper echelon of assassins and stealth operatives.

Need dis

Curved shape and light blue engravings makes it a little bit "elvish".

Lightsaber v.8 by Ariergarda on @DeviantArt

I wanted to make another Sith saber. The texture is darker, and the grip looks different - probably not very comfortable, but it's a Sith lightsaber so .

Saber 2 Wallpaper by Jakkal-Designs.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Saber 2 Wallpaper by Jakkal-Designs.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Star Wars CYOA

I would choose a green lightsaber and study form

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G-Force's Legend Blade Photon Greatlightsabers

BD Rogers Jedi Lightsaber by JamesVillanueva

I came across a couple of Lightsaber designs by ~MrBrainz a. Bryon Rogers and I had to them.