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The Bromley Contingent, circa 1976. is a  a group of followers and fans of the Sex Pistols.   Many of the Bromley Contingent went on to form bands themselves including The Banshees and Generation X.The fashion statements made by Siouxsie, in particular, incorporating fetish and bondage clothing, and her innovative style of makeup, continue to live on.

The Bromley Contingent, circa Background: Unknown guy, Tracie O’Keefe, Bertie “Berlin”Marshall and Debbie Juvenile. Below: Sharon Hayman, Siouxsie Sioux and Simon “Six” Barker.Foreground: Simone Thomas and Steve Severin.

Me in middle School

True "punks", like true "goths" wear their fashion in their spirit. Not outwardly. Just a thought of my own.

Anti-clockwise / Debbie Juvenile, Siouxsie Sioux, Phillip Salon, Spunker Severin

The Bromley Contingent.- The Sex Pistols earliest punk fans featuring among others Siouxie , Billy Idol and Steve Severin .With rare pictures and Bill Grundy interview

Sex Pistols – Original Photograph With Bromley Contingent

Sex Pistols – Original Photograph With Bromley Contingent