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In this first of two videos, I'll show you how to paint a simple flower cluster with five-petal leaves.

How To Paint Trees – Detailed Instructions

Want to learn how to paint trees? This very detailed step-by-step tutorial will show you how to paint 4 different trees. You will amaze yourself and enjoy these techniques every time you use them.

Washing You can treat acrylic somewhat like watercolor when you dilute the paint with enough water. You can use the watered down paint to apply translucent washes on your surface. However, unlike watercolor, the acrylic paint will set permanently. Mixing wash and dry brush methods can be very effective in creating a variety of textures in a single piece.

13 Must- Know Acrylic Painting Techniques for Beginners

washing-Actually, the acrylic paint is almost treated like the water color when it is diluted with water. But the difference is that the acrylic color will set permanently. So if you want to apply translucent washes on your surface, take help of this tech

pintura decorativa: aprender a pintar las hojas en cuestión de minutos. tutorial completo con el vídeo para que pueda pintar hermosas hojas!

~ PAINTED IDEAS ~ Previous pinner writes: Decorative painting: Learn how to paint leaves in minutes. Complete tutorial with video so you can paint beautiful leaves!

Learn to Paint a Pansy One Stroke at a Time

Learn to Paint a Pansy One Stroke at a Time