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Image by @laisladelosmonos from the Perivian Rainforest. Did you know that deforestation is responsible for up to 20% of all carbon emissions globally? This year #EarthHour 2013 has a particular focus on forests. Yesterday the WWF-Russia team reached 100,000 signatures on their petition for protective forests, which could be the catalyst to reinstate a ban on industrial logging in an area equal to twice the size of France.

Image by @sammythowe, travelling down the Amazon in Peru. Did you know the Amazon is home to one in ten known species on Earth? The rain forests contain up to 140 billion metric tons of carbon, and help stabilize local and global climate. Deforestation may release significant amounts of this carbon. You can create or accept an #IWIYW challenge that encourages people to plant trees, use recycled paper or sign a petition to prevent ecological damage & deforestation to the #Amazon.

Great to see our global artwork being used by local teams! Image by #EarthHour champion @rezafx in Samarinda, Indonesia. Dare the World to Save the Planet

Image by @hannejac from the Forest Research Institute of Malaysia. Reforestation is one of the main theme's for this year's I Will If You Will campaign for Earth Hour. More than 1 million trees are to be planted in Botswana as part of the former President's IWIYW challenge to the nation. The world's first Earth Hour Forest will also begin in Uganda, with more than 2750 ha of land secured for reforestation of the Pearl of Africa.

As part of #EarthHour, #WWF and the Association for the Development of #Solar Energy distributed 1000 wood-saving stoves to victims of the recent cyclone Haruna in the southern town of Toliara, #Madagascar. The daily use of these stoves will protect 175ha of #forest and save 6,650 tons of wood per year. Also on March 23, around 100 schools planted 10,000 #trees around the capital of Madagascar as part of an initiative to promote #reforestation and maintenance of seedlings. Image: WWF…

"Washing of the elephants in Thailand", beautiful image of a creature we must protect by @yogi_ank

The Eiffel Tower in Paris switches off for Earth Hour (Credits: @wwffrance )

Image by @instagram_mv who is encouraging everyone in the #Maldives to upload their #EarthHour Instagram images using the hash-tag #MVEarthHour! How cool is that? Earth Hour 2013 is taking place in more than 150 countries and territories this Saturday, March 23 at 8:30PM.

Image by @emilhamouz in Sumava (Bohemian Forest), Czech Republic -

Image by @amandasukkar in Queensland, Australia. "Back burning over north east Queensland, Australia. Back burning encourages the germination of certain forest life, reduces the buildup of certain natural fuels and decreases the chances of larger more serious fires in hotter months."