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Helleborus Winter Jewels™ Rose Quartz

Helleborus Winter Jewels™ 'Rose Quartz' - This double strain has every white petal edged in rose. This is the first picotee edged double Hellebore we've ever seen. Takes shade and is deer-resistant.

Scabious and Echinops

If you are getting ready for next year's Garden reserve a sunny spot on the border for this airy, light mix. of steel ball blue thistle

The dis-obedient plant. I have a love-hate relationship with this aggressive spreader. So pretty, so invasive.

White Physostegia Virginiana - Scharnierbloem - commonly called obedient plant or false dragonhead

In this photo, Veronica umbrosa, Allium schoenoprasum, Amsonia tabernaemontana, and iris create a melange of blues.

How to Get Beautiful Texture in Your Garden

Mix Herbs and Flowers Create a colorful and fragrant spring garden by mixing flowering herbs and perennials that bloom together. In this border, chives and lavender bloom in front of Amsonia, bearded iris, and peony.

garden with rock, fern nestled in, phlox, iris, possibly goatsbeard behind rock

By Kim Charles

By Kim Charles