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Black Forest Chalet Cuckoo Clock

Black Forest Chalet Cuckoo Clock

-Clock is one day weight driven and sings on both the half hour and the hour. -Offers 24 hour movement and a one year guarantee.

A real cuckoo clock, with the pull-down pinecones and all.

Cuckoo Clock Railway House Clock by Adolf Herr. Cycle: 8 day running time with music

World's Largest Cuckoo Clock!-- I wonder if the cuckoo works on this clock or not. If it does I wonder how loudly it cries...lol.

Cuckoo clock in Sankt Goar, Germany. This clock is said to be the largest functioning cuckoo clock in the world.

Hermoso Reloj Antiguo.

*BLACK FOREST CLOCK ~ with hand carved forest scene with two fabulous glass eyed owls and an impressive eagle pediment,