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Yeah, it is true.... Though America has legalized gay marriages, on the other hand they elected Trump so...

Though America has legalized gay marriages, on the other hand they elected Trump so.< I hate the winters in Norway. It's too much snow and freezing

what's the difference between yogurt and America?

When we didn’t want to be like gross-ass yogurt anyway. (Lmao at Americans getting offended by yoghurt)

I am SO moving to Norway. It's beautiful, it's cold, and the people appreciate knitwear, coffee, and tacos.

Fuck yeah, my country is Awesome (aka, weird as fuck) << Now I wanna move to Norway

21 Tumblr Posts Australians Will Find Funny AF

On youth:

A "pee-can" is what a truck driver uses when he doesn't wanna pull over not a GD nut *angry Texan noises*

This shouldn't even be needed, people should be able to recognize who was wrong <<It's society's rules and it's the people who choose to follow them.

I remember once I saw a guy smack a girls butt in the hallway every day for a week so I slapped him and I was the only one in trouble.>> we should not get in trouble for defending ourselves

When no one realized that they said things weird.

17 Times America Got Burned By Tumblr

I came across a Christian forum from 2011 where the users wanted to BAN anaesthetic to women because women "are meant to suffer," it's part of "God's plan." Every single user applauded the notion. One user said, "Now to make my girlfriend understand," and a PRIEST wrote back, "Just beat it into her~"

Thou faithless men shall abased!---I'm sorry let my God determine your punishment.

I like them too

I never "come out" to people Ill just act normal and if I mention something hey they'll be like "what!" and I'm like "yeah I'm gay" and Theyre like "cool" and we go about our business like normal.

Are we really that crazy-okay yeah we are

Are we really that crazy-okay yeah we are totally texas, norwegian

That's so sweet! (but did anyone else think of hetalia?) -- Norway considers giving a mountain to Finland as 100th b-day present

I just imagined APH Norway giving APH Finland a mountain and going, "Happy birthday." And APH Finland goes, "Thank you, Norway!

...we took a wrong turn and enter up in Norway so we decided to stay for dinner... third favorite sentence ever

Europe is so tiny Norway! Sorry for the language its true i once went to croatia and we went for a hour drive to hungary to get groceries>>> My gosh I could drive 4 hours and still be in my gosh dang state XD