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Laura Granger


Two new little fanarts for natvanlis and elisebauman ! carmillaseries For the “Laura Granger” one, I drew it because when I saw Laura in the first episode, she reminds me of Hermione Granger with her.

Laura Hollis

Because useless lesbian vampire doesn’t want to lose tiny gay Laura you know.

Laura being clueless while Carmilla wishes she wasn't immortal and could just DIE. (Carmilla)

Laura's innocence Laura u silly lil cream puff

Welcome to my blog, I'm Ydolem.

This video guys, I can’t get over it. So here is another quick drawing because yeah.

Carmilla x laura! So cute!! Also the hand puppets killed me XD

I haven't seen or read anything about "Carmilla" but im sure of one thing. Carmilla x laura!

Kaitlyn, Sharon and Elise as the Golden Trio

Kaitlyn, Sharon and Elise as the Golden Trio ♥ Go check out kbearluna ’s new video !

Hey you. Stay here. I like you.

Life with Catmilla and tiny angry Laura. Bonus : (psst, don’t forget :