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5 things I learned from quitting my teaching job twice

5 things I learned from quitting my teaching job twice

Hugs and kisses

How To Relieve and Manage Stress At Work. Attitude Shifting™ is a New Approach To Stress Relief and Management. It’s here that we differentiate ourselves from the pop-a-pill or fluffy exercise stress relief practices.

Actions can speak louder than words. Anyone can tell you something but when they back up their words with actions it has more meaning.

So much for your fake ASS love. If you truly ever loved me you wouldn't have destroyed me stacey

Yes....absolutely correct.....!!! For me and my IN*U.

Relationships last longer when no body knows your business. ~ plus it's not like it will be kept a secret.people you don't even know will know all about you and what goes on in your relationship, like my bff for example :p

"Try and count the stars, when the world is out trying to steal your heart, you're meant for something higher ... Did you ever think, life could be this way, that the night could show you grace"  Everfound-"Count the Stars"

Life is all about perspective. Also, the stars are the greatest things in the world. When life knocks you down roll over and look at the stars.


This is exactly what I've always battled.my heart says one thing, but my mind says something else. If only my mind could overrule my heart

Memories made is priceless.

A woman can always tell if a man loves her by how much time he is willing to invest. Money spent is meaningless, but time spent is priceless. I don't want him to spend money on me just being together, that's all I want


A recovery from narcissistic sociopath relationship abuse. I am now setting boundaries for a narcissist family member. Heartbroken but I am doing it.