japanese designer kenya hara has revealed the rejected logo proposals he submitted for the 2020 tokyo olympics.

olympics brazil 2016 branding pictures - Google Search

The Making of the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics logo by Ttil Design de Ideias , via Behance . loving the design and concept!

oi brazil about the brand - Google Search

oi brazil about the brand - Google Search

Фирменный стиль ресторана

Ресторан для fashion hunters

Restaurant brand identity design by agency Hochburg for Achtender in Metzingen, Germany. This outstanding restaurant identity for Achtender was designed by

Various logos that make good use of white space.

A great introductory article to help you think about all of the space in your design - not just the space in which you add an element, but the space you don't. // Design Principles: Space And The Figure-Ground Relationship - Smashing Magazine