zodiaccity: “ Zodiac Scorpio Facts - You will never see a greater heart turn cold, than a Scorpio who believed in you before your lies began to unfold.

I love my Sun sign! Scorpio <3

Scorpio escaping from the world.- thank you Internet for justifying my life. Yep this is my life. I need space to recharge and create myself a life detox!

Immaturity is different than occasionally acting goofy and having fun!

This made me chuckle."get it together! Funny, but true. I can be silly but yes immaturity can easily irritate me

Zodiac City Scorpio Quotes Compilation: 28+ Quotes About Scorpio from ZodiacCity

Scorpio Most Likable Trait: DISCIPLINE Once a Scorpio has their heart or mind set on something .

Ummmm interesting

Scorpio quote "Very true, just because I don't talk to you about it doesn't mean I don't know about it." They know, don't lie to your Scorpio or the games will begin and they are more ruthless than you and play only to win.

Scorpio Fact #2

ZODIAC SCORPIO FACTS - Scorpio think more than they speak and have the sharp ability to distinguish between truth and lies.

Even though this is Zodica mumbo jumbo... and even though it is oddly enough my sign... It's really true with me...

Scorpio the Scorpion (October 23 - November Scorpio is the Eighth Sign of the Zodiac. and those born under this Sign are unafraid of either,.

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You are my favorite listener honey and always give me back what I need to hear, I love that we are both in love with deep conversation, probably because we both need it to survive and keep breathing .