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Tree Of Life by Kellysartjournaling on Etsy

Art Journal inspiration: doors to my heart. (VI Fit Network) (VI Fit Network) (LilDuckieArts) lee lange arts advisory we're just fabulous visual curators.

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Art journal in moleskin, A Hea r t Seller. Moleskine ink drawing and mixedmedia painting. Original design by Framboisine Berry

nikimaki - for her wings, dress and boots I made Gelli Plate mono-prints using regular typing paper & deli paper, which is translucent (like vellum) and so it gives the wings a lovely ethereal quality

Good idea for their visual journal covers or year seven folio cover designs. water colour backgrounds with oil or chalk pastels, then black silhouette picture, words. Side relating to owner of folio Art Journaling

Homemade Two Step Stamps Using A Stencil Or A Drawing

Make Your Own Two Step Stamps! Free tutorial with pictures on how to make a stamper in under 30 minutes by creating and stamping with stencil, caulking, and plexiglass. How To posted by nikimaki.