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Had a bit of fun with this. I basically took a load of pictures of myself and whacked them together and painting over the bits I wanted to alter. In the end it was a pretty quick photo bash paintin...

Century - 1346 Battle of Crecy - The life of the Medieval nobility was one of privilege, riches and excess. To prove one's worth, a typical nobleman would often engage in social displays of various kinds, trying to outdo his peers.

Heus niet alles is plaatstaal, zie hier veel maliën en brigandines.

Pretty faces in pretty kit.maybe its just a reenactor thing, but sometimes I can't tell which I.

Battle of Najera by jasonjuta on DeviantArt The Battle of Nájera, also known as the Battle of Navarrete, was fought on 3 April 1367 between an Anglo-Gascon army and Franco-Castilian forces near Nájera, in the province of La Rioja, Castile.

© Medieval Warfare Magazine issue Edward the Black Prince and Peter of Castile lead their troops against against Henry of Trastámara in Battle of Najera

The Scottish and Welsh Wars 1250–1400 - English soldiers 14th C. Osprey Publishing

The Scottish and Welsh Wars -English crossbowman, Guy Lord Bryan 1330 & English Longbowman. The soft boots suggest the longbowman is mounted and the patterned hose suggests service in Italy. By Chris Rothero

Robert de Masmines, Grand Armorial équestre de la Toison d'Or, Flandres, 1430-1461.

Robert de Masmines, Grand Armorial équestre de la Toison d'Or, Flandres, 1430-1461.

"French infantry, 1337-1360"  • Northern French militiaman, c. 1340 • Sergeant from Champagne, c. 1360 • Provençal mercenary crossbowman, c. 1350

Osprey illustration The Hundred Years' War Northern French militiaman Champagne sergeant Provence mercenary crossbowman

Equipamento de um Legionário (Por Sean O' Brogain)

Spain / Battles, Knights, Warriors - century CE Roman legionary and kit

Continuando con mamelucos, una lámina con toda la panoplia de los mismos... Por desgracia no iba acompañada con la descripción de los números, pero así tienen entretenimiento los experten... Más en www.elgrancapitan.org/foro

Middle ranking Mamluk amir - Arms and Armour of the XV and early XVI centuries