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Finding Joe - Trailer by pat solomon An amazing film that explains the "hero's journey" and how to live a fully realized life.

Professor Marshall lectured on blue light at Optrafair London: Professor John Marshall warns of low-energy bulb risks

The medical experts who refuse to use low-energy lightbulbs in their homes: Professors have stocked up on old-style bulbs to protect against skin cancer and blindness. So should YOU be worried?

Super Mamika Series. By Sascha Goldberger.

Super hero grandpa befriends Darth Vader A friendship between a super hero and an evil villain seems to be impossible. But relationship and photographer Sacha Goldberger helped searching for the one. She found Darth Vader.


Remember Mamika, the superhero alter ego of photographer Sacha Goldberger's grandmother Frederika? Well, now she's back but with a new sidekick and love interest: Mister Papika! They make a mighty fine duo if I must say myself.

Hong Kong photographer, Chow Har Hoo, has taken a series of photographs featuring popular superheroes, such as Batman, Wolverine and Spiderman, battling real-life problems faced in the world today.

The normal everyday life of Super Heroes by the Chinese photographer Chow Kar Hoo

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