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Supersonic jet will travel from New York to London in 3 hours at half the price of the Concorde...

Supersonic planes are already in development by startups like Boom, and a company called Aerion is o. - 2016 Boom Technology, Inc. All rights reserved.

Affordable supersonic travel is within reach now

Branson's Virgin Has 10 Options On The Airplane A new SST is under development in Colorado that Boom Aerospace says would carry 40 passengers a

Conheça o “mini Concorde” que voará de Londres a Nova Iorque em três horas

Conheça o “mini Concorde” que voará de Londres a Nova Iorque em três horas

Boom- a new Concorde in the horizon on wordlessTech

Modern Science: 'Son of Concorde' is a step closer to take off

'Son of Concorde' is a step closer to take off

The Aerion supersonic business jet, designed to use natural-laminar-flow over the wings to remain efficient at supersonic speeds.

Airbus Joins Aerion to Develop the Supersonic Business Jet

The NASA Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate's Environmentally Responsible Aviation Project. This is the joined wing design by Lockheed Martin.

NASA's Supersonic Passenger Planes of the Future: Coming in 2025?

Lockheed Martin’s advanced vehicle concept proposes a box wing design, which is now feasible thanks to modern lightweight composite (nonmetallic) materials, landing gear technologies and other advancements

The futuristic Auto Train #futuristictechnologytechgadgets

Top 10 Tech This Week [PICS]

The futuristic Auto Train #futuristictechnologytechgadgets

Vintage ‘British Airways’ Concord Poster

British Airways * Concorde I was lucky enough to have experienced it! We flew at a speed of Mach 3 and reached the stratosphere where I saw the curve of the earth.

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Aircraft maintenance practices can be, interval and frequency of application of maintenance.

JetBlue has two types of aircraft in their fleet, this is the Airbus 320 which is configured for 150 passengers.

the plane to paint new blueberry on the tail. short final on rwy 34 arriving from LGB - Photo taken at Sacramento - International (Metropolitan) (SMF / KSMF) in California, USA on November

A concept aircraft named Skreemr (illustrated)  could reach speeds exceeding Mach 10 - that's 10 times the speed of sound. The design features four wings and two large rockets

Skreemr concept could travel five times faster than Concorde

New ‘Skreemr’ supersonic plane could hit Mach five times faster than Concorde, travel from London to New York in just 30 minutes.Skreemr concept aircraft with 4 wings and 2 large scramjets, will fly over would be launched