AT: BW Shadow Tutorial by on @deviantART

Check out my other Spriting Tutorials [link] (actually you shouldn't. they're aren't as nice looking as this one :c) Advanced Tutorials: A mini-series. AT: BW Shadow Tutorial

Pixel Art Tips by =Foxbane on deviantART

A few people asked me for a tutorial, but there's really very little point in providing one when there are already tonnes of good pixel art tutorials ou. Pixel Art Tips

TUTORIAL: Texture_Color Theory by on @deviantART

TUTORIAL: Texture_Color Theory - 'How to Draw' - drawing shading to give life to pixel art

Pixel Art Tutorial - Basics by *Kiwinuptuo on deviantART

This is a reupload of the tutorial by Kiwinuptuo (who is no longer on deviantart) of the basics of pixel art. This is uploaded purel. Pixel Art Tutorial Basics - by Kiwinuptuo

How to make a pixel house 1 by on @deviantART

Comments Difference between isometric and non-isometric pixel art. Or mainly, what is isometric pixel art. Contact If you think that you didn't understand this tutorial fully then you can always se.

Trainer Tutorial by on @deviantART

Trainer Tutorial by on @deviantART

pixel_art_tutorial_2___the_3d_effect_by_cyangmou-d54cddi.png (1000×5700)

This is the second part of the game graphics perspectives tutorial, meant for people who works on game (artists & game designers, . Pixel Art Tutorial 2 - The Effect

Anti-Aliasing Tutorial by ~BluE3 on deviantART

A tutorial about anti-aliasing in pixel art. includes what anti-aliasing is, choosing colors for anti-aliasing, and placement of colors, along with a .