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a kind of an old thing I did around 3 weeks ago  Bendy and Boris: The quest for the ink machinecenturies ago; the ink machine was a very needed devise in this world that cured an illness spreding around at the time  after the illness desappeared, the...

Ok so bendy and Boris My prospective on, Bendy: well he's 18 and a bit hot and flirts like cray. and he's a victim of the ink disease Boris: he's a smol innocent beanie marshmallow like mug aaand he's probably immune to the ink illness.

Bendy this is the internet. Sorry my friend but you are not escaping them. Either way, we need to do our best!

Let's Animate Love (Bendy x Reader)

Poor Bendy, The Internet is a creepy creeper place, it's so bad that cheeky lil' Devils are at stake😑😂