Street art - hair cut por Mr thoms.

Italy’s Mr. Thoms is pure awesome! His use of space is just spot on. A piece that uses a corner and plants to make a man cutting his own hair - just too good! Check for more of Mr.

Alex Senna leva amor e nostalgia para os muros da cidade

Alex Senna leva amor e nostalgia para os muros da cidade

The amazing street art creations of the Brazilian artist Alex Senna, who brings a beautiful dose of love to the city with cute and lovely characters.


Vila Madalena — One of the best neighborhoods for endless graffiti Great place for hotels with lots of food & drink options

oakoak: arte urbana vinda de frança

Arte de rua do mês - 2013/01/10. Discussão sobre LiveInternet - Serviço diário russo on-line

Diego Della Posta is a Italian street artist and illustrator also known as Thoms Studio.

New absolutely amazing street art | From up North

Amazing street art

“Aunque la gente sienta odio, amor es amor,” translates to “Even though people feel hate, love is love.”Amor es Amor, graffiti by the street art group Boa Mistura

The-Street-Art-of-Brazilian-Artist-Davi-De-Melo-Santos-aka-DMS-23.jpg 1,024×683 pixels

I’m really enjoying the street art and paintings of Brazilian artist DMS (Davi De Melo Santos) whose work I find to be humorous, hopeful, and extremely inventive. Go get lost in his paintings, murals, and this fun series of faces.


A selection of street art creations of the artist Dasic Fernandez, a Chilean from Santiago now based in New York, who creates some huge colorful murals with gr