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Museu recebe objetos como álbuns de fotografias, documentários e discos de vinil em bom estado de conservação.

Misc recebe doação de objetos que contam a história da cidade

Museu recebe objetos como álbuns de fotografias, documentários e discos de vinil em bom estado de conservação.

cyberbullying is on the increase - if you're worried about your children and social media read on....

Cyber bullying on social media can be incredibly harmful

Ofertas imperdíveis em comemoração ao Dia Internacional da Mulher:  a Amazon diminuiu o preço do leitor de livros digitais Kindle neste final de semana e ainda está oferecendo até 60% de desconto em livros escritos por mulheres.

Dia Internacional da Mulher: livros escritos por mulheres com até 60% de desconto

According to UNESCO global citizenship education “aims to empower learners to assume active roles to face and resolve global challenges and to become proactive contributors to a more peaceful, tolerant, inclusive and secure world.

Chef de cozinha, dentista, engenheiro e arquiteto estão entre os profissionais citados.

Austrália convoca profissionais do mundo todo para 192 áreas

25 Most Generous Countries In The World: Australia - Always a top contender, Australia ranked for donating money, for helping strangers, and for volunteering time.

Richard Johnson’s Weapon of Choice project shows the impact of verbal #abuse

Powerful Images Show A World Where Verbal Abuse Leaves Physical Scars (GRAPHIC) - "Weapons of Choice" by Richard Johnson.

erinhansen [licensed for non-commercial use only] / Assignment 10: Bullying posters

A social issue that teenagers face is cyber bullying, and just bullying in general. People think that because they are behind a screen they can say whatever they want to.

CLASSROOM POSTER -CYBERBULLYING - Good reminder of the effect words have on a person.

A good visual poster that simply illustrates the subject matter of cyberbullying. Furthermore, it presents a website students can go to, to report child cyberbullying.


Next up in our “Best of week is the illustration category in which we present magnificent illustrations, paintings and drawings.

This picture can speak a thousand words. It is a simple picture, but I believe it could be presented to the class and have the classroom discuss what they feel this means and talk about the importance of cyberbullying.

cyberbullying I thought this picture was very captivating when I saw it. Luckily I have studied Spanish and could translate from the Spanish webpage that this photo came from.


Together We Can Stop Cyber Bullying - Insist on Posters to Remind Us To Be Kind

Oddly enough, applies to Adult Bully Bosses as Well. Great Posters on Bullying ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning