Las 150 Mejores Ilustraciones® que vi en 2015

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In Black River Falls the non infected people could be around the infected people but if they were too close to them they could get it. So they used gas mask to be close to the infected people. It was an air born illness so that why they used gas mask.

page 32 this is the executioner i like this picture it tells you alot of information

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As Americans, we've become accustomed to certain freedoms and liberties that we often take for granted. There are a group of bad ass military personnel that


You have to be Married step to the side jealous bitch I wear that crown. He will not divorce me!

Asian warrior

Demonic, Japanese, and futuristic all in one; I knew we could Tronify this thing!

American Skull by damnengine on deviantART

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Geri and Freki by thecasperart on DeviantArt This would be pretty bad ass