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Wallpaper and background photos of Regina for fans of Once Upon A Time images.

Regina And Robin Hood -- yessss!

Live this edit #ouat

Live this edit #ouat

21 Days (pinned 21:56)

21 Days (pinned 21:56)

Sassy Regina

rainbow kisses and unicorn stickers.the Evil Queen of Sass, Regina Mills

Regina Mills in 4x03

Regina Mills in Operation Mongoose is a really weird name, somehow operation cobra has a better ring to it, though equally weird I guess

Once Upon A Time

The Cricket Game.

Regina and Daniel.

When Regina lost Daniel for the second time. I was sad when he died the first time, but when Regina had to do it herself for his own good

Nothing Can Freeze Our.....HOT SASSY QUEEN❤️❤️ #EvilRegal

Frozen is Coming - Regina

Confess Upon a Time

Confess Upon a Time

Regina! <3 I love the character change in her. She's amazing!

everyone deserves a second chance!

Once Upon a TIme — Sassy Regina ;)

Black is my colour -Regina

I take her home I drive all night to keep her warm and time is frozen

regina and zelena, "You're not here to give me sisterly advice"

My happy ending looks like Snow's head on a plate

quite a common fairy. I laughed at this line haha

Regina Mills is Flawless

How do I begin to explain Regina Mills? Regina Mills is flawless. One time she ripped my heart out, it was awesome! Regina is a total badass!

Cora and Regina - Once Upon a Time

Ouat-Cora and Regina