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You Pinned It, We ID It: A Stylish Collection of Houseplants

Your Guide to Finding the Perfect Houseplant- Staghorn-Fern-Mounted-Terrain, Gardenista Houseplants Gallery

Terrific metal planter idea from the book 'Succulent Container Gardens: Design Eye-Catching Displays with 350 Easy-Care Plants' by Debra Lee Baldwin



DIY Aztec Print Succulent Pots

Oct 6 DIY Aztec Print Succulent Pots

This tutorial is how to DIY Aztec succulent pots with terra cotta pots, some matte spray paint, a handful of paint pens, and a lot of patience. Let's get started on our DIY Aztec pots!

Love incorporating Prickly Pears into reception styling. xx www.graceloveslace.com.au #weddingreception #styling #floralarragements

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Make Your Own Wind Chimes! • Creative & Cool DIY Wind Chime Ideas & Tutorials! by MzMely

Nice gentle breeze, an just a hint of a windchime sound. Here are some DIY windchime tutorials to choose from.

Flower: camellia    Although it is not native to the state, the Japanese camellia (Camellia japonica L) was officially named the state flower of Alabama in 1959, presumably for its growing popularity as a garden plant and association as a symbol of southern culture. It replaced the goldenrod, which had been named the state flower in 1927.

Alabama State Flower, Camellia japonica L., is the official state flower of Alabama.