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myplanningadventure: I hadn't had much luck finding the new #targetdollarspot…

Today's Drawing Class 101: Female Anatomy | Today’s practice is devoted to body variation. A plethora of well-written essays exist examining the lack of variety in body types in comics, especially concerning female characters. I have noticed that a great many artists tend to develop a personal ideal body type, and use this for all the women they draw.

Não achei a melhor animação do ano, mas como ganhou o Oscar deste ano, acabei assistindo.

What big eyes you have . . . by on @deviantART

My 1st car was two years older than me. :) Almost everyone at school made fun of it until a very cool Senior who was president of the school came up and told me it was her dream car in front of everyone at our sophomore lunch table....which magically made my car cool, of course. A top 5 highschool moment. :) Would love to have this car again.

such a cute girl in the mall earlier and I made eye contact with her and almost fell over

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Skull Shaving brush - Hand made finest badger Shave Brush with elegant box

Skull Shaving brush - Hand made finest bardge Shave Brush with elegant box - Now on SALE:

It's super windy and warm in Melbourne today, the perfect weather for washing sheets. As I stripped the beds, I remembered that I hadn't shown the finished quilt that I made for my youngest at Christmas. It's impossible to get the whole thing in a square photo but here is a section that sort of shows the quilting - I did straight diagonal lines in opposing directions so in the middle they meet to create a grid and on the other corners it's just one directional lines (does that make any…

@mrtommyblades writes: I have logged about 120k miles on my car over the last five years. I have driven through almost every state in the country while sleeping in parking lots rest stops and hotels so run down that I barricaded the door with furniture before going to sleep. I have had flat tires at 3AM on the side of the highway and have been caught in weather so extreme that I couldn't move. I have even driven for 24 hours straight... slept for a few hours... and then for 24 more to get…