Explore Meteor Shower, Shooting Stars, and more!

see a shooting star. done.


Bucket list: see a shooting star.

Before i die i want to kiss my prince at the top of the empire state building

Before I die. Best wedding proposal ever!

before i die...

Jumped off the plane at LAS with my dreams and my cardigan welcome to the land of fame and success Am I gonna fit in Jumped in a cab, here I am for the first time Look to my left and I'm seeing Hollywood signs.

Things To Do Before I Die

own something from swarovski crystal- check

Bucket List


bucket list: kiss under a rainbow

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bucketlist fourth of july beach festival

you know, since I have been to Hogwarts already, might as well see what the muggles have recreated.

After going to Disney world.same trip!

Sleep under the stars (with someone I love..)

Harry Potter premire+one hammock+Katie Groharing= one adventurous night

Hahah I've done this, I'm sure it will happen again.

CHECK ✔ Too many times to count. Not fond of that feeling.

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it will happen one day! And that one day is in September

Bucket list- walk on a frozen lake

Bucket List -- meet drake

Bucket List -- meet drake or see him in concert


bucket list before I die spend a holiday somewhere exotic.

Bucket list

bucket list- own a pair of jimmy choos

with my best friend.

So far been to Ohio Pennsylvania West Virginia North Carolina South Carolina Tennessee Kentucky and Florida

Before I die...... I have to do this!!!!

bucket list: give people a reason to remember my name. A good reason for humanity.