Today's Flavors are Golden Gate Java, Chocolate Raspberry & Peanut Butter Cup!

Yes it does

Coffee Makes Me Happy / Coffee Shop Stuff

I love my coffee ☕

"Black as the Devil, hot as Hell, pure as an angel, sweet as love." – Charles Maurice de Talleyrand, speaking of the perfect cup of coffee.someone who appreciates black coffee like me!


Kitchen Quote Chalkboard - Yay Coffee Cup Mug - Wall Art Print Home Decor

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wait, we can't skip Mondays?

By no means is this an exaggeration | #Coffee http://sharonedem.myorganogold.com

Coffee is not a Matter of Life or Death, it's much more Important than that! [Studio Kookii Coffee Quote Print by StudioKookii on Etsy]


Coffee quote: "Life without coffee is scary.

... #coffee

Been drinking coffee since he was three years old. You created a coffee monster!

Bad things will come to you!

Go ahead. take away my coffee and see what happens. I dare you.


Coffee quotes boy isn't that the truth

Today's To Do: Coffee

Week In Review: The Buffalo Edition

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coffee...Happy Monday ............through Sunday

I only need coffee

I only need coffee on days that end in the letter Y - Im making a sign with this for my coffee bar!


Warning: Grumpy without Coffee - Hand coffee immediately

Coffee Pot Head - a cute little wall hanging. Not able to find original artist to credit...

Not that kind of pothead. Okay that kind of pothead too

Coffee Lovers know nothing goes better with than coffee itself. LOL Coffee Haters would not understand.

I can so identify with this one. I've been drinking coffee longer than Starbucks has been around.

True Coffee Lovers know that before coffee was the "in" drink or rather before "Starbucks", Coffee Lovers still made and drank coffee. Coffee will never go away or out of style unless the world is destroyed.