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Black paper butterflies

I'm launching a new project focusing on color. Color inspires me! Color opens us up to possibility! Color is love! Color is light! Disclaimer: I do not own any rights to the pictures,.

Butterfly cloud

butterfly migration in Mexico. This reminds me of one time when I was little I was sitting outside and then a big wing came in and blew for like 3 seconds and when it stopped there was hundreds of monarch butterflies in our yard.

Succulent pale looks a little #coral in colour

California Hues (Kelly Wearstler)

Bracts Of A Protea Flower By Heinrich van den Berg From The Gallery Art of Nature.

Antique French Ciel de Lit Topper Textile 2 Sided c1860 Red Woven Wool 18th | eBay

Antique French Textile ca. I wish we could find such beautiful fabric these days.and at a price that would not require a home improvement loan.

butterfly mobile birch bark small and large butterflies

butterfly mobile birch bark small and large butterflies for Mandys birthday