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HAHA my life every single morning.Gotta love the Princess Diaries :p

Carpet wins the Oscar for Best Actor.

the magic carpet from the movie aladdin has more facial expressions than actress kristen stewart (bella) from movie twilight

Mean Disney Princesses

5 Videos We Can't Stop Watching

Disney Mean Girls. Watch it now. Somebody had too much disney knowledge and time on their hands. pin now, watch at home. Hate that belle was a mean girl but I guess I'll deal haha


kesha reference in Pocahontas. go insane throws some glitter make it rain


the best no-kiss movie? I do love fat amy! "I have a feeling we should kiss." "I sometimes have a feeling I can do crystal meth, but then I think, 'mmm, better not." Pitch Perfect - Fat Amy :) That movie cracked me up!

Especially in a classroom where the teacher doesn't care if you text or not and you NEVER GET SERVICE.

When you're phone has no signal and you go all Lion King on it. haha yep, I do this all the time. I never have signal in my house. At least I'll have fun doing it now.

Has this been done before

I'm not quite sure why this is so funny to me right now. I mean I love Little Mermaid like whoa and Kelso is my favorite but I should NOT be laughing this hard.