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- Doctor Doom -, Caleb Nefzen on ArtStation at https://www.artstation.com/artwork/lygXa

This was my version of Batman, for the Comic Con Challenge Base on a graphic novel of batman called "DESTINY" I Was inspired for the Vikings of "Skyrim" "PathFinder movie" and movie" vibe.

Dr Doom armor.

masteroftasks: “ The blueprints of Doom’s Armor, of course simply knowing the blueprints will not do you any amount of good when Doom unleashes his wrath upon you.

Dr. Doom

Así serían tus superhéroes favoritos en su versión steampunk

Aaaaah steampunk, it makes you look cool, classy and tech-ed out as well. Steampunk is a combination of classic and machines, it is mostly known as a fantasy also in r.