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Angry Dogs

Reservoir Dogs meets Angry Birds in "Reservoir Birds" by Lee Crutchley.

Art prints: 30 awesome and modern artworks we should buy now - Blog of Francesco Mugnai

Art prints: 30 awesome and modern artworks we should buy now

Funny pictures about Alfred Hitchcock's Angry Birds. Oh, and cool pics about Alfred Hitchcock's Angry Birds. Also, Alfred Hitchcock's Angry Birds photos.


Angry Birds - 9 Funny Vintage Ads for Modern Technology

This would make Andy proud.  Blood by Ben Darlington

blood (by Ben Darlingto) [Julian Opie style]

Deux jeux, l’un dit « sérieux », l’autre devenu « social » en entrant sur la réseau Google + ; deux jeux utilisés pour l’apprentissage de la physique. Le premier se nomme Mécanika, il va sortir dan...

De Angry Birds à Mécanika : serious game et serious gaming


Funny pictures about Pulp Disney. Oh, and cool pics about Pulp Disney. Also, Pulp Disney photos.

minecraft, minecraft, minecraft

Another Minecraft vid!


Velma Dinkley

nerd chicks - underneath the clothing and glasses is a sex goddess

Angry birds

Angry birds

Turtle memes - Google Search

I'm not sure if I love this because of the sea turtle or because I just laughed so hard.

For the dogs!

88 Awesome Angry Birds Merchandise You Should Not Miss

Batman, Angry Birds Superheroes

Angry Birds Superheroes: When Ordinary Just Isn't Enough

AngryBirds-Batman Mash-up -little weird .

Keep calm and shoot a bird

Keep Calm "Concepts"

not really a graph but funny depiction of iphone vs. android vs. blackberry

How Phone Users See Each Other : Android vs iPhone vs BlackBerry (Funny Infographic)


Appreciate expressing it!

You aren't alone. There is always hope; even if you can't see the sun through all the clouds, you know it's still there. But when it finally does break through, the brilliance of its rays is truly something to behold.

you dont need to fake it, you have rights to be sad.

Depression Is Quiet. Anyone Can Fall Victim To It.