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Edmund suddenly realizes that, while candlelight dining at the local Post Office in a spaceman suit is loads of fun, it's going to be hard to drink his wine with his helmet on. Plus the service is REALLY slow.

Some days are like that

Le Vintage Insolite - Partie 1

Apparently, this is a smog helmet, featured in the Popular Science issue from 1949

Robot with a message

Bastard as soon as we finished him and put him to work he resigned and hit the road.


[81 images] La Sélection du Week End n°130

Related image

Related image

#Tinker is from the UK, invented by Dennis Weston in 1970. He can be teleoperated from up to two miles away.

retrosci-fi: “ “A Real-life ‘Jetsons’ Housekeeper Robot, invented in ~retro-futurism ”

Weegee :: ‘Space Patrol’ - Boy wearing a ‘Space Patrol’ astronaut mask, ca. 1954 more [+] by this photographer

Our image of Weegee is that of the prototypical New York tabloid news photographer: tough, garrulous, and on the scene, ready to cover two murders in one night.

1980 just imagine (1930)

Promotional photo for “Just Imagine.” (Future Is Now)

1965 ... Dr. Smith and the Robot! - I'm sensing a fan fiction in this. I think I need to stay away from TUMBLR for awhile....

Dr Zachary Smith and the Class Model 'Robot' on the set of Lost In Space (classic Sci-Fi television)

What the future looked like way back when

What the future looked like way back when

A 1950 Popular Mechanics article predicted we would wear rayon underwear that chemical companies would buy from us to convert into candy. These are nurse uniforms of the future.