No lie almost started crying.. it's so beautiful <3| Jensen Ackles Singing Asylum 2014 - YouTube

No lie almost started crying.



Jensen Ackles singing Simple Man at #VanCon OMG, Jensen  totally rocks once again!!!

Jensen Ackles singing Simple Man at OMG, Jensen totally rocks once again!-oh my gosh, my ears have been blessed to hear one of my favorite songs sung by Jensen!

Danneel's questions for Jensen in his interview. This is adorable. <3 #SupernaturalCast (Katie Cassidy was Ruby 1.0, btw)

Questions from his beautiful wife daneel! I Love JENSEN! OMG his voice is so different from Deans even tho their the same person but what ev! He's so masculine too!

Thomas Padalecki interrupting Uncle Jensen!  God, so adorable> Have we seen this? ;]

Thomas Padalecki is interrupting Uncle Jensen. I seriously laugh for five minutes after the video ended

Puhlease if I'm an Ackleholic (which I am) I cannot remain calm.

An Ackleholic LOL - Jared padalecki and jensen ackles supernatural fan group -*drools*

Mondo International Interview GIF! I love how nervous he gets. It's adorable!

SPNFan on

OHMYGOD this is incredible! He is just so beautiful and shy and adorable and ohmygod *sigh* [gif]Mondo Intl interview

VegasCon 2016 Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles FULL Panel Supernatural - about min mark, " I wanna guess.

Jensen Ackles - Runnin'. Not only can this gorgeous hottie act, but he can sing!

this once said Jensen Ackles sang it, but unfortunately, that's not true . (a girl can still pretend though) a shortened version of Adam Lambert's "Runnin'.

I was hoping Jensen would sing this song and he DID and I'm still really emotional! Like he said, it's about the basic of the show, it's about FAMILY that do.