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O FUTURO QUÂNTICO-Os princípios e a importância da Física Quântica-Ressucitando o gato de Schrodinger | A Luz é Invencível

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Guided Meditation: I Am Enough Vol.1 Bundled Audio Meditations

The further within myself I go, the farther out to the world I can reach. Chaiwat Thirapantu

Zen Reiki Meditation Music: Relaxing Instrumental Music for Yoga, Massage, Meditation, Healing ☯071 - YouTube

8 hours of relaxing relaxation music with an oriental flavor. Play on low volume in the background while chilling out, sleeping, studying or doing any other ... Música relaxante

Abhaya Mudra (le geste de l'intrépidité) symbolise la protection, la paix et la dissipation de la peur.

8 Hour Sleep Music Theta Waves: Deep Sleep Meditation, Sleep Music to Beat Insomnia ☯219 - YouTube

Neuroscientists have discovered that when you ask the brain to meditate, it gets better not just at meditating, but at a wide range of self-control skills, including attention, focus, stress management, impulse control, and self-awareness.

Namaste <3 I use this frequently in my daily life....I had to remind myself of the true meaning.