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Transformers: Omega Supreme. This was the granddaddy of all Transformers for a long time! I never got him as a kid. I asked every Christmas and birthday for a couple of years to no avail. I picked this complete model up from a friend. It still walks and rolls! Just awesome!
Jetfire! The best of all Transformers for a long time. I received Jetfire in the morning of my birthday in 1985 so I could take my present to school. The model actually looks nothing like the TV character. It is a Veritech fighter from the Robotech series. Harmony Gold lost a legal battle with Hasbro, so their version of the Veritech couldn't transform, and was quite lame.
Transformers: Hound. My model is incomplete and rather forlorn, but this was a great Transformer back in the day.
Starscream. Another Transformer I bought myself on vacation in 1985. I was supposed to be saving money to spend on souvenirs. I call it Georgia Starscream!
Transformers: Shockwave. I don't think there were many cooler Gen 1 Transformers than Shockwave. The lights and sounds still work, although the wire connecting the pack to his arm is cracking severly. In the original Marvel comic books series, Shockwave took over  leadership of the Decepticons after concluding that Megatron was unworthy. Shockwave should have been cooler in the recent Dark of the Moon movie!
Seaspray. He talked like he had a mouth full of bubbles. He fell in love and turned into a merman. He was probably in more episodes than he wasn't. All from what amounts to be a pretty average toy. The model gets points for being very fast to transform. I think I bought Seaspray with allowance money on a Saturday at Children's Palace. That was the best place to be! The small autobots on cards were on a display, and they mostly had Cliffjumper and Gears. All the "good" ones were taken!
Transformers: Cosmos. Another cool mini, and yet another example of how the scale on the original series was so messed up. Somehow Cosmos grew to a gargantuan enough size that Perceptor and Blaster could fit inside him comfortably. I suppose I shouldn't fuss too much about that since Astrotrain could carry all the Decepticons, but still required a reduction in weight in zero gravity. When you're a kid---physics just don't matter! That begs the question: does physics really matter now?