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Double Life of Liliane

Book Covers of Note October 2015

"The Double Life of Liliane is a triumph of autobiographical metafiction, with photos, genealogical digressions and historical allusions as background to a young woman's complex path toward maturity.

The Undeserving Poor: America's Enduring Confrontation with Poverty: Fully Updated and Revised

The Undeserving Poor: America’S Enduring Confrontation With Poverty: Fully Updated And Revised PDF - books library land

Book Cover with dope illustration detail #olivermunday

Cover for Gun Machine, Little Brown 2012 (killed) AD: Keith Hayes Dan Mogford 50 Canadian Book Covers of Note vintage book cover design by P.

"Karate Chop"  ***  Dorthe Nors  (2014)

Book designers, you do amazing work. I am especially grateful to all the designers and art directors (not to mention publicists and other publishing folk) who have shared their wisdom, p…

The Reactive by Masande Ntshanga

The Reactive (Two Dollar Radio, Masande Ntshanga's first novel, is featured in Page One

Helen Yentus

lemonlights: “reading this book by the inimitable Helen Oyeyemi, thinking about the Platonic antithesis of seeming & being (cf. footnote 1 here) and the concept of ‘passing’, dangerous tropes (cf. the comment towards the end on transphobia), and.

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The 30 Best Book Covers of 2016

For fans of Shirley Jackson, Neil Gaiman, Roald Dahl, and Edward Gorey, a beguiling and disarming debut novel from an award-winning British author.

book cover

" Nicotine Scribblings from A Hammock in the Void" by Rob Plath, - Book Cover Design and Graphic by Gregory Boerum (b. Cover design for a chapbook of poetry available now from 'Good Japan Press'.

Big sky (with clouds), just a hint of land at the bottom. You could even put a plane in the sky to give a hint of WWII.

Title: Breathing Room/ phtographer: William Eggleston/ Author: Peter Davison/ Publisher: Alfred A. Knopf/ Publication Date: Designer: Gabriele Wilson

Paper Statements | Libby VanderPloeg

Lost for Words is a witty, fabulously entertaining satire that cuts to the quick of some of the deepest questions about the place of art in our celebrity-obsessed culture, and asks how we can ever hope to recognize real talent when everyone has an agenda.

Outside the Box | David Drummond - The Accidental Optimist / Brands like us*

brilliant on multiple levels -- photo layer, negative/positive space effect, figural shaping ("box") and content match

Give Me Everything You Have Design by Julia Connolly

A true story of a terrifying account of being cyberstalked by a former student. By subverting and multiplying this familiar icon, the cover aims to capture the overwhelming scale of the attack upon the author. designed by Julia Connolly.