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Margaret Mitchell who wrote Gone with the Wind

"Gone with the Wind" author and journalist Margaret Mitchell Courtesy of Atlanta History Center. She was so much more than an author; she was also a secret philanthropist and humanitarian.

Jeanne Moreau

Jeanne Moreau et son chat

Elizabeth Taylor

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Abraham Lincoln and his cat "Dixie" Poster

Awww..George Clooney and a kitty!

Spontaneous exhibition: movie stars and their cats

Jude Law

Jude Law (British actor, b.

What's the name of Lenin's cat? : FULLCOMMUNISM

Vladimir Lenin petting a cat,

Romeo & Juliet

Funny pictures about True meaning of love. Oh, and cool pics about True meaning of love. Also, True meaning of love.

Raymond Burr with his Siamese cat circa 1960s

Men with cats. Raymond Burr with his Siamese cat circa (vintage still bears crop marks for publication).

Vivien Leigh with a feline friend.

Vivian Leigh with a feline friend.

Cat on the Shoulder of James Stewart

James Stewart in Bell, Book and Candle 1958 Siamese cat Pyewacket (belonged to Kim Novak)

Elvis Presley

Our favourite old-school celebs and their adorable cats

-DFA Cats- "The King of Cats" Elvis Presley with a little white cat

Marlon Brando.    This picture had me when I saw the typewriter. I didn't even KNOW there would be a cat. -R

Celebrities Are Cat People Too - Marlon Brando with Cat - Photo by Murray Carrett Cats were seen as good luck charms by actors, and the cats often helped cure the actors' stage fright.

Kandinsky and his cat.

Tracey Emin’s recent interview with the Daily Mail revealed that the divisive artist is currently working on sculptures of her cat — and that’s not a euphemism. “He’s a good littl…

Lennon and cat! Twain and cat! McCartney and cat! Zappa and cat! Moon and cat! Brando and cat! Corlione and cat! Kim Novak and cat!