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Gray man, Blue Exorcist AND Ghost Hunt! I've only read the ghost hunt manga. I didn't know there was a anime for it.

Bakugou Katsuki & Midoriya Izuku

Bakugou Katsuki & Midoriya Izuku << I don't know do I ship them, but screw it, this is adorable

Ao no Exorcist, Amaimon, Shima Renzou, Suguro Ryuji, Kamiki Izumo, Takara Nemu

Ao no Exorcist Amaimon, Shima Renzou, Suguro Ryuji, Kamiki Izumo, Takara Nemu

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Couples Avatar, bleach, one piece, soul eater, . Glad to see a ton of my own ships.

which one would you like to be

Pick an Anime Class. I choose Ninja. Or Wizard. Or Shinigami. Or Pirate.

My reactions to Sting Eucliffe from Fairy Tail. XD #StingEucliffe #FairyTail

Sting is so amazing i mean i still have a super big anime crush on gray and natsu but sting is somewhere on the anime crush list

Basic Rule In Anime - DO NOT Tick off happy go lucky person! It's a guarantee, they are somebody's nightmare.

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Basic Rule In Anime? Basic rule in LIFE. Don't piss off the calm/chill/quiet/happy people because those are the scariest MoFos when they get REALLY angry.

Boku no Hero Academia || Midoriya Izuku, Fumikage Tokoyami, #mha

tokoyami is listed as liking apples. i think that is inherently strange