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One of my favorite scenes....

Ralphie dressed in the pink bunny suit in "A Christmas Story" . Aunt Clara had labored under the delusion that I was not only perpetually 4 years old, but also a girl.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson & Eric Stonestreet - by Art Streiber for Entertainment Weekly.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson & Eric Stonestreet/Mitchell & Cameron (Modern Family) - by Art Streiber for Entertainment Weekly.

In America

VisionTV has a strong lineup of family themed films airing each night during Thanksgiving week.

British book reports will soon feature a lot less Atticus Finch.  The list of books for U.K. national exams will be swapping out American classics To Kill a Mockingbird, Of Mice and Men and The Crucible for titles that are more British.

Book Buzz: U.K. cuts classic American lit from exams

still a hottie even when hes sad :)

still a hottie even when hes sad :)

Mike & Molly on cbs. I think Chuck Lorre is a genius.  And I love me some Melissa!

Mike And Molly - CBS.com

Mike & Molly is hysterical. Especially love Melissa McCarthy. She is a superb comedian

Rodzina Savage / The Savages [2007]

Rodzina Savage / The Savages

Superstar: Molly Shannon, Will Ferrell


Superstar Reprising her popular "Saturday Night Live" role as Irish-Catholic schoolgirl and proto-nerd Mary Katherine Gallagher, Molly Shannon stars as the ugly duckling who resolves to attain her twin dreams of fame and kissing the class stud.