Three in Four. Richard Brooks photographed the three young Barn Owls looking out of the quatrefoil of a local church one evening in July 2009 after staking out the site most evenings over a three week period.

Three curious young Barn Owls at the top window of Christ Church in Fulmodeston, North Norfolk, July Photographed by Richard Brooks

La théorie du tout: Un oiseau ne chante pas parce qu’il a une réponse....

Barn Owl Love, I want it

Have loved owls ever since I can remember. Dusted all of Mommom's owls every Sunday when most of the Family met for Sunday dinner. Sometimes it was packed...but youd find me half under the table wrapped around Mommoms leg or whispering in her ear.

owl, bird, predator, moon, flight - Pinned by The Mystic's Emporium on Etsy

Heh - that's not an owl!

Owl by Scott Radke 2011 I just emailed Scott about the possibility of me purchasing Owl (my favourite of the I wait in patient anticipation for his response. You can see more of Scott’s owls.

Looks like The Owlry needs fixing..

Screen Themes - Birds of Prey - Barn Owl in Roof Hole

Je ne pensais pas que les hiboux pourraient m’intéresser mais en fait ils sont géniaux !

Just Look at All Those Funny and Cute Birds - 23 Pics - Animal& Look

Les trouvailles d'Internet pour bien commencer la semaine #143

a little hoot :)

-Always has to be that one practical joker. (inhwh5wkrxc.jpg)

Sunset Owl by James Francis Photography

Famille de hibou

Forever Alone Owl

Funny pictures about Three's a crowd. Oh, and cool pics about Three's a crowd. Also, Three's a crowd.

Tiny little owl hats. Who doesn't love a tiny little owl hat?

Milky Eagle Owl... interesting looking animal

Verreaux's Eagle Owl aka Milky Eagle Owl or Giant Eagle Owl. Distinguished by a whitish oval disk face with a black border and pink eyelids. Found in Saharan Africa.

Whooooo loves this owl? Me. Stained Glass Mosaic Window Owl Moon Tree by ARTfulSalvage on Etsy, $300.00

Stained Glass Mosaic Window Owl Moon Tree Repurpose

Stained Glass Mosaic Window Owl Moon Tree Repurpose via Etsy

One crow, many owls. A window installation in Portland, Oregon. Photo by Jon Miller

Window Display of Owls, Oregon

Vintage Windows with Owls! Going to do this on a smaller scale with picture frames for my kitchen!

Nursery Decorating Ideas Part 4: Vintage Windows with Owls!

Draw anything with a Sharpie on the glass of an old picture frame or window. Put cool fabric or scrapbook paper onto backing of frame for contrast to a white wall. you can trace the picture you want by putting picture under window and trace.

I love this pic

An entry from Emilialua

{perched great horned owls} winning photo by Peter A. (fiction) Owls seen in window of abandoned house at north end of Second St. X great photography