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See how small jimin compared to V.. So adorable.. #Vmin

The big guy and the small guy 😆😆 Ah, I can't deny it, I really love this concept 😍😍😍

Imagen de bts, jimin, and v

Imagen de bts, jimin, and v

#TaehyungYourePerfect                      #CheerupTaehyung

"Person that will forever protect me: Jimin" ~ V thanks Jimin for being there for Taehyung right now, especially since he really need it becuas eof those stupid Knetz

*☆°~Angels will fly to the moon~°☆*

[Thời gian quảng bá album YNWA] Tay to hớn hở đòi đọ ngón tay với tay nhỏ.

Leaving now, I’m going to sleep right away. Don’t bother me, Taetae-yah ~Jimin

BTS V and Jimin #Vmin

//is there any possibility youll quit gossiping about me. to hide your insecurities//