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Como eu sempre digo: benditos sejam esses botões irlandeses, que vem todos com defeitos de fabricação, e nunca param fechados <BR>Então meninas, amo essa foto, desde a primeira vez q eu vi, sempre achei muito interessante... como só penso coisas boas, relacionei tacos, bolas, mesa de sinuca, etc...........ficou muito boa essa conversa <BR>Massss, tem outro motivo pra postar essa hj, amanhã é niver da Flor, e como todos sabemos, ela tem uma leve atração pela…

Bono; love this picture! ; )

U2 concert with friends at the OU football stadium.. AAA AMAZING!!

Any vintage vinyl, old or new: James Taylor - sweet baby james; srv - couldn't stand the weather, in step; the faces - oh la la; acdc, razors edge, dirty deeds; U2, Joshua tree, achtung baby; radiohead, ok computer, pablo honey; john mayer, room for squares; foo fighters, foo fighters, color and shape

Bullet the Blue Sky, Joshua Tree.... Good rainy day to cuddle up to some U2<3

27 years ago today (3/9/87) U2 released their fifth studio album The Joshua Tree. The album is beautiful love letter to America and my formative years. This first single is brilliantly released right about the time I begin to hit the high school dance scene. Never before has a young man swayed side to side with his hands firmly on a girl's high waist acid washed hips with such confidence and charm...

Not real sure how U2 got a bum rap in this generation. Granted, their new stuff isn't as good as the Joshua Tree era. But they still speak the truth. And they speak the truth for millions of people who don't have the influential voices that they do. Fighting AIDs, Malaria, poverty, and so on, they have transcended their music to make a different.

94 Real Soldiers Who Made Rambo Look Like a Pussy

Joshua Tree-- One the best music ever made!

Back when they were still really, really good!

first time i heard joshua tree was sorta like first time with the unforgettable fire or war. disbelief that a band could be that good.