by Matheus de Lopes Castro - We are ruled by fear

Terror vincit omina its a word play with a common latin say "Amor vincit omina", which means love conquers all. Terror vincit omina means "ruled by fear.

René Gruau Flowers

Love the vintage perfume ads. This vintage Christian Dior ad is the work of Italian fashion illustrator Rene Gruau.

Brazilian artist and designer Mathiole uses digital illustration techniques to create unique Art Nouveau-inspired works. A morbid fascination with death lingers throughout in these elegantly rendered pieces.

The New Art Nouveau by Mathiole

'Sin-Eater lives deep in the heart of Herefordshire’s countryside. Here his fascination of animal forms grew & gave birth to his passions for the.


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audrey kawasaki artiste peintre peinture

Audrey Kawasaki

Mezameru maeni" 目覚める前に before you awake oil and graphite on wood "Hajimari" Nafarrete Levine Gallery in NY 2009 by Audrey Kawasaki