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Red Fox by Radius Images - Michael Breuer on 500px

Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes) in Winter Gran Paradiso National Park Graian Alps Italy by Radius_Images

https://plus.google.com Beautiful Fox

https://plus.google.com Beautiful Fox


I have heard a new trend is going on. People making Foxes pets and then breeding to pure bred dogs!

I love these beautiful creatures.  I'd see them around my work several times.  There was one particular Fox who would greet me early morning on the road leading to my office.  He looked at me (Miata w/ top down)  I'd look at him.  Perhaps it was our early morning coffee break.

Sitten Pretty by Wolfhorn

red fox in the snow

A red fox after a fresh snow fall checking things out.

Red Fox Cub by Thomas Young

I've been seeing a little fox running around our place lately.

Ponderation — luxuriousimpressions: Snow Day By william...

My name is Angie — tulipnight: Untitled by william teuscher

Red Fox in Snowy Field #foxes #fox #cute #animals #cubs #cutie #wow #lol #gift #gifts #shirt #foxy #furry #animal #fuchs #füchse #raposo #renard

Red Fox in Snowy Field #foxes #fox #cute #animals #cubs #cutie #wow #lol #gift #gifts #shirt #foxy #furry #animal #fuchs #füchse #raposo #renard

The Beauty of Wildlife

beautiful-wildlife: “Paws Up! by © Alicja Zmyslowska ”

Baby fox. ~♥~ with Mama

Baby fox.

Proud Father : Red Foxes - (Vulpes vulpes) - Breckenridge, Colorado : Nate Zeman - Fine Art Nature Photography

Silver fox, beautiful

A silver fox, gorgeous fox

Follow @BabyAnmals for more Cuties baby animal photos @BabyAnmals  Little Red Fox | Photography by  Pim Leijen @pim_leijen  #WildlifeAddicts by wildlifeaddicts

Little Red Fox by Pim Leijen - Photo 124175241 -

beautiful-wildlife: “ Playtime by Mazouz Shana ”

fox wildlife: “ Playtime by Mazouz Shana ”

Red Fox on snow

Red Fox by - Badass fox!

Red Fox. When some people see this they think of sport. But you might as well kill people for sport. These animals are our equals. They're majestic and beautiful, and killing them is just plain cruel. Fox hunting is just sadistic, and it still happens in many places. Let's stop it and be considerate for a change.

A thick winter coat . Photo taken Rhonda Glover,by Robert Fry on March