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Salon chaleureux avec canapé doux et tapis à long poil. Plus sur → touslescanapes.com

I love the idea of adding a shelf right over your couch/furniture. It adds to the room & extra decoration space

A Harmonious Home

A Harmonious Home (automatism)

Elegant living room with a marble coffee table. cream sofa, and a Hermès Avalon Blanket

The It Décor Item That's in Every Fashion Lover's Home

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Trends for 2018 in Living Room Design arrived! Take a look a this impressive interior project and get new ideas for your future projects! Tap on the image for more inspirations.

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Séjour- Appartement Parisien de 115m2- GCG Architectes

Because I will never stop loving Parisian apartments, here is one in the arrondissement, Haussmann architecture at its finest with some recent renovations and styling by Baldini Architecture and G

I've never been a fan of glass coffee tables because they scratch too easily and are hard to keep clean in high-traffic areas, but I think a glass table would work in the front room to really showcase the rug underneath it. Plus, it adds a sense of space and lightness instead of clogging up a room.

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23+ Easy DIY Shelving Ideas For Your Home Creative & Out of The Box

If you have cats, extend the "steps" all the way to the top of the opening & add shelf for kitties


House Crush: A Stunningly Chic London Townhouse

Elegant rooms with chic chandeliers // If modern is more your style, then you'll love this London townhouse. Designer Suzy Hoodless fused glamorous jewel tones with unique lighting to create a space we all want to dwell in.

Stylizimo / VINN EN “Le Grand Air” SOFA  // #Architecture, #Design, #HomeDecor, #InteriorDesign, #Style

VINN EN "Le Grand Air" SOFA

Today's styling comes courtesy of Swedish homeware store and their new champaign for Decotiques Le Grand Air Sofa.