Painterly peacock feather tattoo. designed/tattoed by Niki Merchant at Empire Ink in Akron, OH.

Peacock feather designed/done by Niki Merchant at Empire Ink in Akron, OH. This is only the tattoo she’s ever done!


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Love this. Minus the stem and the petals that are falling off.

I really want a lotus flower tatoo! “they come from the bottom of the floor from muck and mud and struggle to the top of the water seeking light and then, after an extremely arduous growth process like our life it blossoms and prevails and spreads beauty”

Back of the shoulder script placement

Tattoo Hilma af Klint, Outline of Violets, June-July 1919 tattoos :) placement tattoo

Tatoo Tatuagens nas Costas para Mulheres -

Peacock Bird Tattoo Designs For Men On Back, bird tattoos, bird cage tattoo ~ Look My Tattoo

back -  back tattoo,  tatoo

Interesting idea for a tattoo. Ecology themed, but kinda depressing. I don't believe in evolution but I like the idea it's trying to convey.

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i really thought about getting these on my wrists before I got my koala and elephant... I still want them somewhere else thou :)

WEAR YOU INK. As a travel map #tattoo trend and styles

Compass and world map This is awesome. I love the map. You know what would make it even better?

May the Almighty God illuminate our intellect to lead us along the righteous path. (Sanskrit)

Sanskrit tattoos are a rage among the people because Hinduism is a mystical religion. Sanskrit tattoos are made up of verses and words inked in Devanagari script.