Seasons spring quilt pattern One day I'm going to give this a try. Really nice site for patterns. Good for novice like me.

I have this Cheryl Wittmayer pattern. I need some spring quilts - have to make this soon!

Aspen Grove Miniature Quilt Pattern Rocky Mountain Memories 8 034 x 10 034 Applique | eBay

ASPEN GROVE Miniature Quilt Pattern Rocky Mountain Memories 8" x 10" Applique

gray on gray geometric print quilt fabric - Google Search

In Light Of by Deborah Boschert: Deborah's Journal: 2011 Gallery, Gray Challenge

Family Tree Quilted Wall Hanging.

Has anyone on this board ever done a family tree quilt? I spent about two years talking myself into it, and now it's finished, except for the hanging

Fiber Art Quilts | visit etsy com

Fabulous colors and "overlapping" circles Brilliant Geometric Hanging Fiber Art Quilt by TerryAskeArtQuilts

TAFA: The Textile and Fiber Art List  Kathie Briggs  Art Quilt - Trees

North Carolina artist, Kathie Briggs, is known for her wonderful nature art quilts.


Tree of My Life confetti quilt with you yube video. I think I can find enough scraps to make my own "confetti powder.

Creating 3 Dimensions The use of fabric dye markers is becoming more and more widespread in the quilting community. Though many use them just to color a popped up bobbin thread, they are also extremely useful in shading objects to make them look 3 dimensional. Here are some close-up shots of trees or vases where dye markers have been used to created depth.

Notice the trees are all shaded on one side. I used a gray dye marker and a sharpie to give the trunks some texture.

Shining Tree by Keiko Morita - Grand Prize - 2013 Tokyo Quilt Show. Photo  by SewBlossomHeart, via Flickr

Shining Tree by Keiko Morita - Grand Prize - 2013 Tokyo Quilt Show. Photo by…