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far off places, daring swordfights, magic spells, and a prince in disguise

Best Country Love Songs and so many on my list of you! Compiled playlist for Spotify @ http://open.spotify.com/user/popsugarlove

Top 50 Country Love Songs of 2014

Take a look at the best country wedding songs in the photos below and get ideas for your wedding! Best wedding songs Image source Best Country Love Songs and so many on my list of you! Compiled playlist for Spotify… Continue Reading →

Before the wedding #WeddingChecklist

Before the wedding #WeddingChecklist

Arist Jan Reymond created this after the book fair at Romainmôtier, a small quiet Swiss town near the border with France. (photo credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/overthemoon/1392424865/#) #textbooksart #textbooks

it's raining books! it's raining books! 31794 Newer Older Foire aux livres, Romainmôtier Second-hand book fair. Archway between abbey courtyard and main street.

Repurposing old books!

amygaertner: “ The Book Origami of Isaac Salazar ” Beautiful art sculpture about something I totally love to do - read! Love the fact this book wasn’t “cut” to sculpt but was.

My favorite canvas project without photos!

"Remember, we are madly in love, so it's alright to kiss me anytime you feel like it" -Peeta Mellark;The Hunger Games.haha, didn't realize this was from the hunger games. i'm gonna put this in our room.

.Nothing takes the place of a real book, the smell of the pages, the feel, its just not the same on an electronic device.

I really am mad about books, reading, and the smell of old books!

18 thriller books to read in 2017, including suspenseful books with twists, turns mystery, and suspense.

18 Twisty Thrillers You'll Want to Reread Immediately

CC 18 thriller books to read in including suspenseful books with twists, turns mystery, and suspense.

With such an inviting curb appeal, how does one resists getting inside this bookstore?

Greenwich Village Bookstore ~ that would be heaven for me, I'd stay a long time. My idea of a perfect vacation, would be traveling around cross country to all the best Used book stores and charity thrift stores which carry books.

Книги в один клик - https://t.me/knig0ed

stop at a bookstore and buy a book that looks interesting; drive to the beach/a park (stopping to get tea is optional);

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Vogue article titles in an essay Formatting an Essay in MLA Style. On the first page, in the upper left-hand corner, place your name, your instructor’s name.

The Uglies Series - Scott Westerfeld

The Uglies Series - Scott Westerfeld. The more I learn about the possibility of genetic enhancement, the more I believe Westerfield was warning us about going against nature.

Personality traits explained

The 8 MBTI traits broken down. Lots of people ask me the difference between sending and intuition or judging and perceiving. I am INTP/INTJ


Shakespeare & Co. Probably the most photographed bookstore of the world. Photography by Simple Dolphin