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kambiz: City lights and neurons show striking similarities to in these side-by-side comparisons by Infinity Imagined. The city light photos were taken aboard the International Space Station, while the neuron images were created with fluorescence microscopy.

"synapse again. nothing more I can do, I haven't done again." Bush

Solar Eclipse, may 20th 2012

Synapses + Neurons. This is what the inside of our brains look like when we are thinking.

Facts About the Human Brain. Think about what we could come up with if we could just connect, in control those neurons we don't even know exist? Too many, there's gotta be a way??

A ciência é muito mais intrigante e fascinante do que imaginamos. Conheça os 32 eventos científicos mais magníficos que existem.

Here we see four nurse cells. Each red or green dot is an individual RNA molecule, which is produced from DNA (shown in blue). The RNA molecules intermingle on a threadlike network that allows them to move from one nurse cell to another and then into the developing egg (which we don't see in this image).