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B E L E A V E!

I see these at the Renaissance Festival and I am obsessed - Small fairy door for the base of a tree trunk - you can even make a whole motif with with faux windows etc - I really want a yard so I can do this!

i don't know if this is real but its awesome

Convert an old tree stump into a fairy tale dream for the kids ! A Tree Stump House. How like a page torn off a fairy book and made real!

Repurposed Barbie house

My idea: Take a Barbie house or pony castle and apply small stones to it and let moss and vines grow on it so it looks kind of like this. Bird feeder or fairy house.

gnome door.... I'm pretty sure they live under ground but I'm going to make a similar item just have it be more of a hatch way... Xo~JLa

Earth Fairy Door

These are my favorite fairy gnome doors. If you don’t know, gnome doors go on trees and fairy doors go on fairy houses. These are all made by painting rocks and coating them in polyurethane to make them weatherproof.

Hang broken or dead battery inexpensive watches in your fairy garden.

Broken or dead battery inexpensive watches collecting in your drawer? Hang them in your fairy garden, glue to a fairy garden home, or find your own creative way to use them would be great for an Alice in wonderland party

DIY fairy door by rene...attached outside to a tree, this would be adorable!

DIY fairy door by rene.attached outside to a tree, this would be adorable! Or even attached next to a door!


Striped Gourd Fairy Home for your Miniature Fairy Garden

Fiddlehead Fairy Garden Striped Gourd Fairy Home - make 'homes' from recycled stuff & add things from nature for doors, windows & shutters

DIY Project : Making

Charmed Gardens (fairy & miniature garden making tips) Fun kids project or great way to add fun inconspicuous interest for kids & adults

Cute door knob

Pictured above - Sun Opening Fairy Door , Mini Footbridge , Mini Chipmunk , Mini Gazing Ball and Clover Fairy.

Diy Miniature Stone Houses For Beutiful Gardens - Do It Yourself Samples

Diy Miniature Stone Houses For Beutiful Gardens

♧ Charming Fairy Cottages ♧ garden faerie gnome & elf houses & miniature furniture - Fairy house by Spirited Woodland

New Place knot garden

National Shakespeare Day - visit the Shakespearean gardens

Fairy bed – LOVE the little details in the twisting twigs! (inspiration only)  *******************************************  Kiva's Miniatures –

fairy bed (this has to be one of the best designed twig furniture pieces I have seen,,,,puts mine to the wall of shame) - beautiful!